Financial Planning

At Harvest Financial, we go beyond the basics of asset class allocation. One of the main components in a sound financial plan, and one of our primary focus areas, is an effective risk management strategy. All investors, especially those nearing retirement age, should employ methods to reduce market risk and volatility to generate more consistent and reliable returns over the long-term. An effective way to manage risk is not only through the use of non-correlated assets classes but also of investment styles.

The primary goal of our Wealth Management Practice is not only to preserve wealth but to grow it in a way that will allow you to sleep at night and enjoy your pre or post retirement years.

We will also work with your attorneys, accountants, and other third party professionals to develop an integrated solution that will maximize your estate and preserve a legacy for your heirs.

Investment Management

Most investors traditionally understand the risk/reward trade-off as follows:

  1. To seek higher returns, one must tolerate higher risk
    Highly subject to the ups and downs of market cycles
  2. To reduce risk and protect principal, one must accept lower returns
    Limited to returns that may barely keep up with inflation

What if, instead, you had access to proven investing strategies and techniques that seek to deliver consistently higher returns with lower risk?

This is where we want to put you.

  1. Reduce portfolio volatility and risk
  2. Seek to avoid losses during market declines
  3. Generate higher, more consistent risk-adjusted returns

Where do you want to be?

We employ proven diversification techniques, as well as risk reduction strategies within each asset class to design an optimized portfolio based on your time horizon and anticipated income and retirement needs.